No, I'm not really "fixing" this site as of yet, but I have decided to post my top 100 video games of all time list here (it was previosuly only on the forums). Read it if you're bored, or wondering what games out there are a blast to play. The List... Good day.

*update* I have finished my "favorite RPG list," and a Chrono Trigger 3 (Chrono Break?) page, so check them out too!

As you can probably tell, the Video Game Addicts website has been abandoned, and the forums could be busier... But on a happier note, the Hilarity Ensues section of the site has just been updated with a few of my newer short stories!

Yes, I'm still alive... I'm just not sure when (or if) I'm going to get arround to updating the Video Game Addicts homepage. I have, however, added some of my more recent writings to the Hilarity Ensues webpage! Oh, and the Video Game Addict forums are doing as well as ever (with nearly 500 members).

old, very old
I have finaly started working on the new layout for this website! Well actually, I started about a month ago. I was originally going to finish the whole site, and then instate it all at once, but it was taking me too long (I was getting lazy). Now, I'm going to add in the new layouts as I finish them. It will look a little unorthodox, but oh well...

I made a new banner (the Magus one didn't match), and used a gradient fill for the table headings... I think I will work more on the layout a little later; this is taking longer than expected.

I started work on the "frames homepage layout." And, don't worry, I'll change that Magus pic to something that matches better soon... Or will I!?