Sergei The Searcher
by John Lindsey
Categories: Funny Short Stories, Fiction, Hyperfiction

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Forward: This is a nice little "you choose where the story goes" short story I wrote for my creative writing class... I didn't really finish it all, so the "short" version is all you'll see here; eventually I plan to make it much longer (with certain scenerios that aren't only one page long...).

Sergei awoke from his deep sleep, and crawled out of the roadside gutter. Today was another day full of promise and persimmons, and Sergei just knew the forest nymphs would show him the path to enlightenment. He wandered off into the nearby forest, searching for the nymphs that had been haunting his nightmares all of his life. . . Searching, searching, searching. Always searching. Does he stop searching? No.

After hours of searching, he came across a forest clearing that was full of birdies, deer, and mountain lions all living harmoniously. Sergei killed them all, and then threw them out of his newfound forest clearing. It was then that he noticed a good sized obelisk standing in the very center of the meadow. It had a very shiny metallic luster that excited Sergei greatly.

He stared at it in awe for hours, and finally mustered enough courage to walk over to it for a closer examination. He reached out to touch one side of the obelisk, and the instant his hand made contact, there was a strange sound (like gas escaping from a fat man) from within the obelisk, and suddenly the structure began to open up.

There were lots of pretty lights and buttons within the opened obelisk, and Sergei danced around in his infinite glee at finding such a cool new toy. He walked into the obelisk, and pressed the conveniently labeled "Open/Close Door" button. The obelisk swiftly closed back up injuring a squirrel who tried to hop on board in the process.

Sergei was extremely saddened by this occurrence, and shouted, "My dearest squirrel! I will nurse you back to health!"

But, the flashy lights of the obelisk caught Sergei's eye once more, and he was left with a moral dilemma...

Should Sergei help heal the injured squirrel, or should he throw the squirrel back into the meadow and then randomly push the buttons near the blinking lights?