Sergei pushed the door button again, and tossed the injured squirrel back into the meadow, which is a horrible place now that all of the nice animals there have been slaughtered and the only creatures left are squirrel-eating squids.

"Good riddance squirrel of solitude! I have to randomly push these buttons now!"

Sergei re-closed the obelisk, and then started pressing the shiny buttons! To his immense pleasure, there was a panel full of numbered buttons, and so he pushed in his favorite number, #3009. There was a nice red button beside the number pad that looked like a great one to push, and Sergei didn't hesitate to do so.

Suddenly, the obelisk started making a strange humming noise, and then "blinked" out of the meadow, and into a vast expanse of dark space. After a few seconds, the obelisk "blinked" back into the "real world," and Sergei stepped into the place where the forest clearing should have been. But only now he was in the center of what looked like some city with gigantic buildings, and metal igloos everywhere.

"Whoa there!" shouted a voice behind Sergei, "You can't park your obelisk there, you'll block traffic!"

Sergei gasped in ecstasy when he turned around and saw an adorable squirrel in a strange blue uniform. But when the squirrel made eye contact with Sergei, the squirrel froze in terror.

"Can it really be... The Villain!?" whispered the squirrel.

"I like bunnies!" replied Sergei.

The squirrel gasped, and then frantically pushed a button on his uniform sleeve. Almost immediately several more uniformed squirrels "phase shifted"into the area.

"Capture him!" yelled the original squirrel, and Sergei feared his life and virginity would soon come to an end.

Should Sergei try and make a run for the safety of the obelisk, or should he try and sweet talk the squirrels instead?