My top ten favorite TV show intros!

So this is my own personal top ten series openings, and there's a ton I'm leaving off, but that'll be for the top 20 list.

Also, there's a ton of shows out there I just haven't watched, so don't be too mad if your favs didn't make the list.

Without further a doo doo, my top ten favorite TV show intros:

10: White Lotus:

Gonna go with season two's intro version, because it's somehow even more anxiety inducing (in a good way!). I loved this show, and loved how the more I watched it the more I could place which of the show's characters lined up with the into art scenes. Good times!

9: Game of Thrones

I almost wasn't gonna put this one on the list out of principle for how bad the last season was, but the song is just so very very good that I can't in good conscious exclude it from the ol' list.

8: Bojack Horseman:

This is like the most perfect intro for this show. I loved it so much that I looped it!

I can totally relate to the whole depression and alcohol "fun" portrayed in the show's intro. That feeling where you're just kind of "there" being pulled through life by booze and the desire to fill that void, every single day... Good times!

7: Mad Men:

Another into that perfectly captures the vibe of the show. That feeling of presenting a confident front as everything collapses around you and you are falling as well. Good times!

6: X-Men The Animated Series

OMG this intro pumped me up so much when I was 10, and also just now when I listened to it yet again.

I actually took my tape deck (that's like a pre CD for all of you youngins out there) and recorded the theme off of my TV so I could listen to the song whenever my mom made me clean my room.

Just blast some X-Men music, pretend I'm Wolverine, and shove as much crap under my bed as will fit!

5: House of Cards:

Yeah, I know the Kevin Spacey shit was messed up, and really killed the show, but that intro is soooooo amazing!

I love the music, the mood, the time lapse video. It's a good jam.

4: Twin Peaks:

I love this show so much, and the intro just fits it so perfectly.

The contrast of the calm somber melody, gentle arpeggios, and somber strings against the grinding of the sawmill.

It's like it belies and lulls you into a calm that is going to go to some very dark and unsettling places... Good times!

3: Succession:

Holy shit, the mood here... The piano, the strings... Watching those poor poor rich kids in the intro montage growing up under the watchful gaze of their dear dear father.

And then that final scene where it looks like they're straight up hanging from a gallows...

Good times!

2: True Detective intro theme:

OK, I'll admit that I've only watched season one of this show, because I've seen all of the reviews saying they dropped the ball with the later seasons, or they were rushed or whatever. Takes nothing away from just how incredible and perfect this intro is for the first season.

It harrowing and haunting and just fits the mood of the season so incredibly. Definitely one of those show intros I will never ever skip.

1: Cheers:

This one tops the list out not just because the intro song is utter perfection, but also because watching the show intro with my parents is my very first memory of TV show.

I don't remember anything from the show from back then when I was like... three, but it's still one of my fondest memories.

Now I just need to finish watching the whole series...

Anyway, what are some of your favorite show intros? I know there's a lot of good ones I missed, but they'll have to wait for the top 20 list.

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