The Top 10 Wiiware Games! (that I have played...)

Disclaimer: I am sorry that/if your particular favorites didn't end up on my list. I probably just haven't played the game yet as I don't have as much free time to play video games as I did when I was a child, unfortunately... But, on to the list!

10. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as King

A different take on the Final Fantasy franchise, where instead of running around doing the battles yourself and gaining experience, you force other people do do that for you! It actually ends up being a lot of fun as you get to build your own city and watch it thrive earning you better buildings and character classes that slowly advance the plot line.

9. Defend Your Castle

Your castle is under siege by a large angry mob of stick figures, and it is your job to crush them all with any means necessary, be it magic spells from your wizards or the simple but immensely satisfying “grab and throw them” with the Wii remote. You earn points which lets you upgrade your castle, unlocking new skills and fun ways to destroy the aforementioned stick man horde.

8. Tetris Party

Everyone loves Tetris, and now four players can play it at the same time! Playing well earns you power ups that can be used to thwart your friends. I had the most fun with the field climber mini game in which you stack tetrads (Yetris blocks, yes?) so that a little stick man can climb to the stage top. Also, you can crush him! :D

7. Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

Holy Mario *$#@ it's a Sonic game on the Nintendo! And a good one too (rare these days)! This was a very retro inspired Sonic game, right down to the iconic level themes (the Casino one being my favorite here) and ridiculously difficult end boss (curse you Egg Man!).

6. Bubble Bobble Plus!

I was/am obsessed with the original Bubble Bobble on the NES, and this was a bigger and better version (with even sexier graphics) that also let me play it four player... awesome! Now if only my friend who got tired around level eighty something hadn't of decided to turn off her controller, thus turning off the Wii, I may have gotten further...

5. Swords and Soldiers

I'm a sucker for real time strategy games, and this is one of the best I've ever played. I would have never thought the concept would work as a side scroller, but I was clearly mistaken. You have three distinct races, all fun to play. It's a bit like a side scrolling DOTA where you directly effect the battlefield with spells and train each unit... Hard to explain, but a blast to play! Two player split screen is where the most fun is had here.

4. Bomberman Blast

One of the greatest “party game” franchises of all time gets a quality Wii installment, complete with an online component (well, about as good as online gets on the Wii). All of the great powerups and blowing friends up that you've come to expect from Bomberman are here, as well as the ability to lob bombs from the sideline after you've perished (making it less frustrating that you just suicide bombed yourself seconds into the match!).

3. Bit.Trip: Beat

I'll let the original title in this excellent franchise count for all its titles on my list (otherwise this list would be flooded with Bit.Trip). I guess the best way to describe this game is to call it pong on a great acid trip, but then again having never dropped acid and played pong (or dropped acid at all for that matter), I cannot be sure. All I know is that it has super addictive retro themed gameplay with a difficulty level that scales upwards in intensity but never feels unfair. Also, you can play it in a two player mode!

2. Cave Story

So I may be going a little to far here in writing this, but I think this game might be even better than Metroid... I don't know though, both are brilliant, I just had so much fun playing this game. It is a side scrolling adventure/shooter with a lot of heart and a unique weapons leveling up system that makes killin' fun! Also, the music will stick in your head forever (in a good way!).

1. World of Goo

I cannot say enough good things about this game. Not only is it my my favorite Wiiware game, but it is a close contender for my favorite Wii game in general with only certain first party Nintendo staples (i.e. Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime Trilogy) ending up ahead. It is a fiendishly difficult at times (but so fun!) puzzle game, oozing personality (and of course, goo). Is it all just a metaphor for our wasteful over consuming society? I don't know, but it's a lot of fun...

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