Review (By John Lindsey)

Chrono Cross is the sequal to my favorite game of all time, Chrono Trigger, so naturally I was excited when I read that it would be coming out. I bought every gaming magazine that had previews of Chrono Cross in it, and anxiously awaited for the game's release. So, is it a better game than Chrono Trigger? Read on to find out.


The story of this game goes in a different direction than its prequal. Instead of travelling through time, you travel between two different dimentions. In one, Serge is alive and fine; in the other, he has been dead for years. So basically you travel around trying to fix the fabric of time so that the two dimentions will merge together like they are supposed to be.

This story is pretty good, but not the best I've seen, and not quite as good as Chrono Trigger's.


Character Developement

Chrono Cross's biggest perk is also its greatest down fall. The game has a whopping forty-five characters which is bad and good. It is good because there is a great differsity in the character types and skills which helps you choose the ones that best fit your playing style, and it is bad because with that many characters, very few of them have any storyline what so ever. This leads to a lower level of character developement overall, though several characters are still developed well. The few well developed characters bring the score up a bit.



The graphics in this game are excellent. They rival(and sometimes even beat out) those of Final Fantasy Eight and Nine. Although the character artist is not the same one who worked on Chrono Trigger, the characters are still very good. The vibrant colors used in the game only add to the impressive atmosphere.



The music in this game is one of its greatest aspects. It takes the same style of music as its prequal, and adds CD quality. Most of the music in the game is very memorable, and will have you thinking about it long after the game is beaten.



The gameplay of this game is what makes it truelly great. The skill developement isn't as deep as some RPGs, but the actually battle system more than makes up for it. First off there are no random battles in this game! You see all of the enemies on-screen and can dodge many of them if you try hard enough, but if you dodge too many of them you will get annialated by the dungeon bosses. The actual battles are based on a stamina point system; each successful attack raises the element(magic) bar a little, but depleats your stamina. Basically, the higher the element bar is, the more powerefull your spells will be. Chrono Cross still retains the combo system of its prequal, but its not as important as it was in that game.



Like in its prequal, Chrono Cross has many different endings. If you play strait through the game, it is a little short, but if you play throgh all of the endings it lasts much longer.

Score: 10/10

Overal, Chrono Cross is an excellent RPG. It is not the best out there, and not as good as its prequal, but it is still great. I was still little dissapointed with the game when I compare it to Chrono Trigger. The storyline and character developement just aren't as good.

Overall Score: 9/10
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